SDG report 2020

SDG Study – The New Risks are Human

Polecat, together with our partner, Leidar, a leading advocacy, branding and communications consultancy have launched an important new report in the SDG Tent at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos.

It highlights significant risks for companies when it comes to decent work, job security and working conditions. Although climate change and climate action still attract significant levels of coverage, our report reveals that the Sustainable Development Goals with the highest risk potential are the ‘human’ ones.

It calls for organisations to adopt a holistic approach to sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and goes on to flag the need for them to engage fully with their external corporate landscapes and with other key stakeholders to their businesses.

The SDG study aims to: 

  • Look at the evolution of the SDG discourse over recent multi-year period
  • Define the key topics present in the SDG related discourse
  • See the ‘ranking of the SDGs’ and look at the main reputational risks and opportunities
  • Define the key future risks for organisations
  • Analyse the way key participants are interconnected
  • Develop a model for companies to integrate SDG strategy into the overall engagement mix


We hope you enjoy reading it. 


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