Covid-19: Business Critical Intelligence Wherever You Work

We recognise this is a time of exceptional pressure and uncertainty for businesses, industries and communities the world over.

At Polecat, we have mobilised to provide our customers with specific coporate insights and analysis on the reputation and risk impact the Coronavirus is having on their businesses and industries.

Our aim is, and always has been, to help businesses navigate through uncertain times and strategise for what lies ahead. 

If your business needs to develop a greater understanding on the impact of Covid-19 across areas such as:

  • Business continuity: disruptions, delays & business resilience
  • Corporate giving & donations
  • Financial impact
  • Job security (including job losses & unemployment)
  • Price gouging
  • Recession & economic stimulus
  • Stockpiling & hoarding
  • Supply chain
  • Vulnerable people

...then we are here to help. As well as the above, we can track, analyze and report on many other specific corporate issues surrounding this pandemic. 

Please fill out the form opposite or email and one of our dedicated experts will get in touch to discuss your requirements and assess how we might be able to support your needs. 


How can we help?


We deliver real-time actionable intelligence on COVID-19 to communications and crisis-management teams at the world’s largest corporations, international institutions and governments.

We are offering a COVID-19 Intelligence Service that can be set-up today to give your business:

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