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How To Tackle A Six Billion Tonne Problem

The global plastics crisis and the environmental damage it has caused has forced us to take a global perspective. Of the 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic waste generated in the last century, 79% of it currently resides in landfill or in the natural environment.

The relationship between plastic, business and society is immensely complicated which makes meaningful action a challenge. However, the positive impact on reputation for the businesses who act proactively to mitigate the plastics crisis, is matched only by the potential damage to those who abstain from progress.

Read the full report on the plastics crisis to gain insight on:

  • The top 30 companies mentioned in the plastics debate across online and social media
  • Key companies that are taking the lead and those that are falling behind on the new plastics economy
  • How corporate action or inaction is tied to reputation and financial performance


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