Enhance your 2019 Reporting Capabilities

The Future of Insight - Reports that Drive Reputation Performance

The world is awash with data. The corporate imperative is for reliable actionable intelligence that enables executives to anticipate and engage with changing trends and expectations about specific issues as well as across a portfolio of reputation concerns. Polecat reports draw on our advanced analytics to deliver insights essential to confident assessment, planning and action.

Horizon Scanning

  • Gain clear insight with a real-time and predictive view on reputation
  • Compare and quantify reputational performance against competitors
  • Scan for emerging trends, key conversations and impactful topics outside of your regular corporate view

Topic DeepDive

  • Attain ‘in-depth’ analysis of a specific topic impacting your corporate reputation
  • Uncover what’s driving conversation for topics through sentiment and stakeholder presence
  • Understand the impact topics are having on your business’s and industry reputation

Campaign Impact

  • Gain comprehensive analysis on the reputational effect of key corporate campaigns
  • Understand which key corporate messages are being driven in campaign conversations
  • Empower teams to act on the reputational insight provided to improve the direction and overall impact of corporate campaigns

Watch Topic Reporting

  • Stay ahead of the competition by keeping track of multiple key topics at once
  • Deliver analysis on a pre-selected set of current or category-specific topics that are likely to impact your organisation’s corporate reputation
  • Identify potential issues and opportunities on key topics and track how these evolve over time

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Polecat is a leading technology company helping the world’s largest organisations achieve reputation management success. Polecat reports are available as part of our RepVault solution.

RepVault leverages Polecat’s advanced analytics platform to interrogate the universe of online and social media conversation in real-time and multiple languages. Results identify, quantify and visualise the significance of issues, trends, influencers and drivers shaping corporate reputation. Delivered in searchable dashboards and accurate reports to inform decisions and build value.